The Email That Led to >80% Engagement of First-Year Students in Fall 2016


Subject: schedule your first career center appointment!


It's with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Williams Career Family!   At Williams, Career Development is a four year process of exploring, defining, and achieving your life goals; all starting now!

€‹Fortunately, during the first three weeks of the Semester you’ll be meeting with your college Career Guidance Counselor to convert your high-school resume into a college format, learn about incredible internships, and begin thinking about how to make best use of your college years ahead. 

All Class of 2020 incoming students are expected to Schedule an appointment immediately.  To do so... 

  1. Log into Rt. 2 using your abbreviated email address as your username (e.g., mko1@williams.edu) and 7 digit Student ID Number without the W as your password (e.g., 1234567). 
  2. Click "Schedule A Counseling Appointment" from the Shortcuts box on the right side of the page.
  3. For this first appointment, please follow these specific instructions. Select Appointment (In Person) under "Type", and select Date Range as "2016-08-29" to "2016-9-30". You may choose your preferred time parameters in the "Time Range" field. Click the + icon underneath "Counselors" to select all available counselors, and choose the days that you're available (our counselors are here Monday through Friday).  
  4. Click "Check Availability" and select a day and appointment time by clicking on a counselor's name.
  5. Type "Introductory Appointment" and any details you wish to share with your Counselor in the "Reason for Visit" box.  
  6. Click "Submit Request" and you're done!

To get even more out of your appointment €‹bring a draft of your resume modeled after the attached college template.  

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!  We can't wait to meet you!  



Michael O'Connor
Director of the Career Discovery Program
Williams College